Partnership Information


Why Sponsor Air Air?

Air Air is a novel exploration of the notion of an artist's residency, and that novelty gives it a unique reach to cultural producers and cultural consumers. It provides the perfect opportunity for your graphic design, typography, music, film, illustration, publishing, printing, travel, or retail business to spread the word to a targeted demographic.

At its outset, this unique event seeks to draw hundreds of participants. These individuals, ranging in age from 20-100 will attend this event because they believe in Air Air's mission of re-envisioning where and how artists work and how they convey that work to others. These people are community-minded individuals, and they are inclined to support businesses and institutions like yours!

A few facts about Air Air:

  • The Air Air website receives 1500 unique visitors over a 90 day period surrounding events
  • The average site visit is 3 minutes
  • Air Air prints and distributes 1,000 handbills throughout the Southeastern region
  • Air Air prints and distributes 100 posters throughout the Southeastern region
  • Air Air prints and distributes 200 commemorative programs to exhibition attendees
  • Air Air is building a strong social media presence nationally and internationally; sponsors are featured prominently in social media highlights on a daily basis
  • Air Air is more than a one-day art show, it's a biannual event that garners attention over months as cultural workers prepare and execute their residencies

In addition, associating your company logo or name with a local arts event lets people know that your business is proud to support the Greater Southeastern community. Depending on your sponsorship level, your logo and company name will appear on myriad promotional materials, including our website, sponsor spotlight Facebook posts, and official exhibition programs! Also, as a First Class, Business Class, Economy Class, or Cargo Sponsor, your business is guaranteed visibility throughout the duration of the event. This is a truly unique way to advertise your business while participating in a grassroots community enterprise. Convinced? Partner with Air Air now!